Lincoln Does It Again! (August 3, 2019)

    By Rich Rodenburg

    I have reported in the past about how Lincoln ranks among the best in the nation for low unemployment, raising children, retirement, quality of life, and on and on. most recently named Lincoln 2nd in the country for Healthiest Home Markets in cities of over 200,000. The researchers graded 80 cities on such criteria as, are we retaining our home values, how long we live in our homes, how much our homes cost compared to income, and general affordability of home ownership. And… we were 2nd in the nation, only behind Buffalo, NY.

    The same research company has also ranked Lincoln in the top 10 of Least Stressed Out Midsized Cities, using data concerning poverty rate, unemployment, percentage of income spent on housing, single parent households, mental health, amount of sleep, and travel time to work. By the way, Lincoln’s stress index was 9th least stressed where previously mentioned Buffalo was 5th most stressed. Thank heavens we don’t live in Newark, NJ, who topped out the stress index.

    Another interesting report by was Best Cities To Get Out Of Debt. While we didn’t make the top 10, Lincoln was 11th, with a monthly debt payment of $755.

    We live in a great city, where home ownership makes a ton of sense. Affordability of home ownership is at risk, however, as sales figures continue to climb faster than general wages and inflation. Indications are that these factors are leveling out and the market may be approaching a gradual cyclical slowing. That said, interest rates are still near record lows and homes are coming on the market every day, ripe for the picking.

    Please, if you are thinking of selling your home, give us a call. If you are looking to buy, we have the ability to put you in a great position to own your first (or next) home.

    In the meantime, enjoy the affordable, low stress life of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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