Life’s A Beach (March 4, 2017)


    by Becky Huebner


    Life’s a beach. Get a buyers agent.

    Four listings this week meant the phone was ringing off the hook. Can I look at the listing- today?

    She has been considering a purchase for over a year. We wrote an offer a year ago that did not come together. It was not just the right home at just the right time.

    Stephen Covey in his book “Seven habits of highly effective people” divides all tasks into four quadrants. 1) Urgent and important ( the house is on fire ) 2) Important but not urgent ( healthy living) 3) Urgent but not important ( the ringing phone) and 4) Not urgent, not important ( face book twiddling).

    Can I see the listing today? If I know you are my buyer you are in my quadrant 1 and I will move heaven and earth to get to yes. If only a potential buyer and my day is booked you may be moved to 2.   If I have to prioritize I am loyal to my clients. Be someone’s client and be a quadrant 1 buyer.

    A year later the right one appeared at the right time. We wrote an offer, then two; not accepted. The win/win seemed elusive and deal seemed unlikely to happen. But she was my buyer, she was a 1, and the third time was a charm. Outside the box thinking, two good agents serving their clients, and we had a deal.

    Today is a quadrant 2 day for me. I’m on my beach. It’s not that it’s the best beach, but it’s my beach and it’s a good one. It is accessible (love the Tampa airport), affordable, I know it’s nuances (breeze from the east please and Guppy’s crab cakes) to maximize my time here. It holds memories of past moments (decades) that make my time even richer.

    I am one of many good realtors in our market. Find a realtor, get to know them and become someone’s quadrant 1 buyer. We know the nuances of this place. While it won’t be quite as relaxing as a day on the beach we can help you navigate it and maximize your time here. We hope you will visit here again and again too.

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