Lend An Egg (May 26, 2018)










    By Brynna Luke, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    For most of my childhood we lived in the perfect corner house, complete with a tire swing, playhouse, a pond that housed bullfrogs and fish, honeysuckles (which I regularly enjoyed as an afternoon snack), and the best neighbors.

    We borrowed eggs and enjoyed regular block parties, marble tournaments, rollerblading and bike races. We celebrated and mourned together and life was good.

    I just had the greatest conversation with my next door neighbor whose yard puts all the other yards in our neighborhood to shame. I apologized for not being a better gardener. He assured me we were doing just fine, but he was happy to trim our pine tree, edge our lawn and spray our dandelions on occasion. He offered up “every tool you can shake a stick at” and encouraged us to keep up the good work.

    The hardest part in house hunting is the uncertainty of who your new neighbors are going to be. Don’t you wish you could knock on every door and interview everyone of them prior to submitting an offer to determine if your personalities and your dogs are compatible?

    While we, as Realtors, can’t help you handpick your new neighbors, we can and will show you 40+ homes and submit a dozen offers until ours comes out on top. We will stay up until midnight to close a deal and cry, yell, and rejoice with you (sometimes all in one day).

    We’re in the game, too. We want to support you, as any good neighbor would. Let us all support each other by being the best neighbor we can be. Home values rise and our city’s reputation and quality of life grow when we all work together to keep our neighborhoods strong and beautiful.

    One person and one borrowed egg at a time.

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