It’s Not Fair (January 9, 2016)

    By Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    We become a part of our clients’ lives for a brief time. During this snapshot, you can get to know your client and their family quite well.

    Last week during a home inspection, I held my buyers’ baby. She was about a year old and getting fussy. Mom and dad needed to listen to the inspection. I did too, but I know what I’m listening for. So, I offered to take the baby.  The parents were grateful, and I was surprised how quickly the baby sway came back to me. But toys? I had nothing! Luckily, the baby did get 10 minutes enjoyment from my fuzzy glove.  And it was enough time to get through the inspection summary.

    Sometimes we connect with our clients over similarities. How many sellers do you know with an eggplant-purple couch? Not many. But I have one, and so does my seller.  She is a kindred spirit.

    It’s not all smiles and roses. Recently, it was a lot more difficult. I was at the funeral of one of my clients. And it’s not fair. He died of cancer.  Last summer, when I listed and sold his home, he was going through chemo. And I know how difficult that is. I lost my own father to cancer at the ripe-young age of 48. My seller always left the house empty for a showing. Never a word uttered about the inconvenience or how poorly he felt. Sometimes his wife would drive him around the neighborhood during the showings.

    One of the best parts of my job is meeting people.  People I would never had met otherwise. And even more wonderful, are the clients that become friends.  There were my clients that wanted a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD). So I introduced them to the breeder. The breeder said she had a mature male dog, but the dog was on the short list to go Washington and be the Obama family PWD dog. If the Obama’s didn’t want him, then my buyers could have him. Well, Mr. Smith (yes, really this is the dog’s name) didn’t go to Washington. And my client got a new family member.

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