It’s Never Too Late (September 29, 2018)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    I’ve been a REALTOR® for seven years, and I never get over the thrill of helping a client looking for a first home.  I’ve written about first-time home buyer programs in the past. But, most of the first-time home buyers I work with are not part of these programs.

    Over the last nine months, I’ve worked with quite a few first-time home buyers. Education is the key. Searching out financing and learning about their wants and needs in their future home are always part of the process. They learn for the first time about the inspection process, the closing process, and finally to begin maintaining their own home.

    The process is a little different for each buyer. I had a client that I worked with for more than a year. Although able to qualify for a loan, the financing turned out to be the most problematic part through no fault of hers—she had received a bonus at work and suddenly didn’t qualify for the loan program. After a couple of other kinks were thrown into the mix, she lost out on her house. It took another few months of hard work and searching. She’s now been a home owner for almost a year.

    I’ve been working with a couple recently. Young and recently married, they thought they wanted a fixer-upper; a house they could make an asset to the neighborhood. We looked at houses over two or three months. They came really close to putting in offers on a couple of the houses. Something kept stopping them. They ultimately decided to go with a house that needed cosmetic repairs rather than substantial repairs.

    One of my favorite stories of this year is a client who is a first-time home buyer in a much later period of life. Think way past retirement. He and his wife were never able to purchase a home of their own. They had always rented, but it had been a dream to own. She’s gone now, but he’s following through on their dream.

    It’s never too late to buy a house. And a REALTOR® is an invaluable asset.

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