Is One Enough? (July 9, 2016)

    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    How many homes should a buyer look at before he finds the right one? How many is enough? How many is too many? Is looking at one home enough?

    This was the thought going through my buyer’s mind. He walked into a home and loved it. Sure, it needed some updating, but it was a classic Mid-Century Modern with windows and designs typically reserved for an architectural magazine. We opened the drapes and were amazed and delighted. This is a one-owner home, on arguably one of Lincoln’s finest streets, so yes, needed updating is a given.

    My buyer was enchanted. Wait, he said, I don’t want to buy the first home I look at! Well, I said, it’s not the first home you’ve looked at. When you were in town 2 months ago we looked at a dozen homes, and not one was as fine as this one. Yes, he countered, but this is the first home I’ve looked at on this visit.

    My advice- if you like the home, given this tight inventory market, it you don’t put in an offer, then you may lose out. I’ve been to some homes, first day on the market, and the word ‘feeding frenzy’ comes to mind.

    Wait, he said again. He was fingering all the Realtor cards on the kitchen counter. Look at how many people passed on this home. True, I said, this home isn’t going to fit everyone’s needs and style, but it fits yours. And you have the vision and knowledge of what this home currently is and what it will be. Not everyone can see beyond what currently is.

    My buyer put in an offer and after some negotiation, got the home.

    Is looking at one home enough? The joke goes you have to at least look at one. A few years ago, buyers had the time to shop around, go back to homes they liked and compare. Now, not so much. Yes, looking at one home is enough.

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