In Thanksgiving (November 24, 2018)


    By Brynna Luke, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    When my husband and I got married we moved into a one bedroom apartment near downtown. When we were expecting our first child we upgraded to a two bedroom apartment (with a garage!) in the Near South neighborhood. Another kid and a new career led us to AirPark, 37th and D, and then to the purchase of our first home in the Woods Park neighborhood.

    We enjoyed our little house for nine years. When yet another child was on the horizon and our kids’ legs were getting ever longer we decided to move once again for a bit more room to play. This time we moved to Colonial Hills, a neighborhood I didn’t even know existed, and where we currently call home.

    Life loves to push us in directions we may or may not have planned on going, and it’s always an adventure. We laugh. We cry. We shake our heads in pure wonder; yet, we always take a deep breath and keep trudging along.

    I can look back on the many places we’ve lived and smile. I am grateful for every memory made and every trial endured.

    I am grateful for a home that serves as a respite from the world for my children and all who come to stay. I am grateful for the beauty of this glorious planet, which I can admire in real time every single day. I am grateful for every person who has been kind to me, whether in word, deed, or thought. I am grateful for smiles and handshakes, hugs and kisses, hellos and even goodbyes.

    To the past and to the future, I give my thanks for they have such power in this lifelong quest to reach our fullest potential.

    This season, on behalf of all of us here at Nebraska Home Sales I give thanks to all the wonderful people of Nebraska for allowing us to serve you these many years. We love you, we are grateful for you and we look forward to serving you and yours in the years to come.

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