In Case You Are Curious… (August 13, 2016)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    My job is like most others. I Love it one day and bang my head against the wall the next. I think our job however is often perceived is sort of a fun hobby. We get to look at some cool houses and meet some fun people. True enough BUT….

    I sell houses that are over $900k and under $45k and everything in between. I sell houses that have been maintained with love and elbow grease and houses that have been beaten down and neglected. I sell houses where I am reluctant to open the front door and terrified to walk down the basement steps. I sell houses where I can’t wait to see the décor beyond the front door because the door is so welcoming that I know I’m in for a treat. I sell houses where I get to see new coolest new appliances and countertops and ones that have circa 1965 everything. You might be surprised that I remember most of them; the cool and not so cool as well.

    But what I really remember are the people. When I see you in the grocery store I may not remember your name but I likely remember your home and our time working together. We are all a mixed bag the stress of this house business can bring out the worst in us.   But then I have clients who say thank you even when they don’t get their offer accepted, drop me a note to tell me how much they love their home, hold open the door for me while I’m locking up, cry tears of joy and thanks when their offer is accepted on a much downsized home under difficult life circumstances , and even bring me a piece of pie when dropping off a check ( really!).

    So all in all while my job is far, far from a hobby and homes often far, far from cool the goodness is people is what carries the day.

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