I’ll Be Home for Christmas (December 23, 2017)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR


    As REALTORS(r) know, the end of the year can be a busy time! Those buyers who are willing to pack the wrapped Christmas presents and all of their other belongings into the moving truck always impress me. Only days later they have their new house re-assembled, complete with those presents under a decorated tree.

    The end of the year does allow time for reflection and planning for next. The sunny afternoons have allowed some daydream time as I wrap up the year’s business to remember all the great clients from the year and the homes they bought or sold.

    Then, the mind wanders to the really “important” questions of the season. (I’ve been listening to holiday music this last week.) I can’t help but hear ‘real estate’ everywhere I go. How many Christmas songs feature lyrics about a house or house features? Several Google searches later reveal that reindeer pause ‘up-on the rooftops’, while Santa comes ‘down thru the chimney’, and those stockings are ‘hung by the fire’, in addition to holly being hung ‘on your own front door’ and ‘decking the halls’. I hope all my home-buyers are ready for the season!

    My wife would tell you that I often make up funny song lyrics using known music. Holiday songs are easy fodder. Alas, today I could not think of anything that rhymes with garbage disposal or high efficiency furnace. Once I have those, expect to hear a real estate song holiday chartbuster.

    Back to the task at hand, with sunlight streaming over my shoulder onto my desk, I follow up with the last closings, file paper, and write Christmas cards. I think of the clients from this year. Thank you for your business. I truly enjoyed working with you.

    I hung my stocking by the fire today, and yes, I will be home for Christmas as the lyrics say. I may have wrapped up this last year, but the new is just around the corner. If you want to schedule that last minute showing or write an offer on Christmas Eve, give me a call. That ‘only in your dreams’ house could happen. Music swells.

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