If You Blink, You Might Miss It! (April 7, 2018)








    By Russ Meyer, Associate Broker, Nebraska Home Sales

    I find the phrase used as the title applicable to most aspects of my life. It’s applicable to Lincoln’s housing market right now.

    Houses are selling so fast that the market is making heads spin! No sooner does a REALTOR® list a property than the SOLD sign goes up—sometimes in the same day! A buyer barely has a chance to schedule a showing before other buyers are already making offers on the property. This is a challenging market for buyers.

    But don’t despair! Here are some easy tips to finding that oh so desirable property and being the first to make an offer.
    1. Get pre-approved with your lender. Visit with a banker and apply for pre-approval of a mortgage loan. Pre-approval, or a proof of funds letter, lets the sellers know that you have your finances in order and can buy their house.
    2. Ask your agent to be watching for and highlighting the best fit listings for you. If a property matches your search parameters your REALTOR® should be calling, texting, and emailing you immediately with the new listing. Checking the new listings throughout the day is next level awareness of the offerings on the market.
    3. Have your REALTOR® set an appointment and go to see the house immediately. Not after work, not later this weekend, but now. Don’t wait even a few hours or it may be gone to another buyer.
    4. If there are already offers piling up, make yours stand out and look appealing to the seller. Trust your agent on this one. Your agent should be in communication with the listing agent and may have worked together previously. They will have a good sense of what’s going to make your offer look smart and favorable to the seller.

    The biggest tip REALTORs® can give is to be vigilant about your search. If you are seriously shopping for real estate this season, utilizing your REALTOR® is your best bet to finding your dream home. Remember if you see something (a home), say something (to your REALTOR®)!





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