I Miss Don Gill (March 26, 2016)

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    I never met the man but I miss Don Gill. Don was the host of Big Band Spotlight on NET radio each Friday evening (among other things). His lyrical, optimistic voice and his big band play list was my weekly companion for years. Impromptu dance parties in the dining room, back ground for good reading or wine drinking and most especially Friday night soaks in the tub timed to his schedule.

    I miss others too, my retired dentist, my forever neighbor Deb taken young by the big C, board-mate Jerry, only an acquaintance but always whose gentle words and gentle presence were always worth attending to.

    Doctor J has taken care of us for over 25 years, my hairdresser Tina for almost the same. My coffee shop owned by friends who know me beyond my (huge) coffee shop habit, forever neighbors whose paths no long cross but doesn’t matter.

    These folks, and some of you folks, are the scaffolding upon which I have hung my life here. The back burner people, the gym friends that start to count on you and you on them, the palates teacher who keeps us showing up, the friendly smile people, the waving neighbor, the ones who knew you then, and people.

    My peer group is starting to retire, some in faraway places. Economics aside, if the day ever comes for me I’m staying here.

    Little deposits over a long period of time start to add up in the bank balance. Little deposits from these folks over a long period of time add up too. Living or long gone, due to them, you, my account in this place is pretty full. I’m staying here (except for February maybe). I’m pretty sure there will be enough interest thrown off to last the rest of my life.

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