I Love It (November 19, 2016)


    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    It’s the best feeling! After a buyer buys a home, and sometime later you’re catching up, and the buyer exclaims, “I love my new house”!

    Is it ok to compare buying a home to child birth? There’s a time period before the sale where there is a flurry of activity… looking at homes, sometimes many, many homes, fixing up your home to sell, moving, cleaning, getting a mortgage, the list goes on. With childbirth, you have nine months to get that baby ready and to get your house and life ready. And then the event: Childbirth. I’ve been there. It hurts. A lot. And sometimes buying a home hurts, too. Last minute negotiations, plans may fall through, more work is involved than you thought. But, then, you get this wonderful, new little baby that smells really good. And all the pain of labor and delivery, and the previous nine months just melt away. And so it is with a new home.

    My recent buyers lived in their home for almost 40 years, raised their family, entertained and passed life’s milestones. When it was time to sell, we looked at a whole lot of homes and none fit the bill, except one. The new home was purchased. The old home was moved-out, cleaned and put up for sale. It was a lot of work both mental and physical. And almost nine months later, my buyers are just about done. The sale will be complete on their old family home.

    And what do my buyers think of their new home? They said it best , “We love it”! But, wait, I said. What about your old home, you lived so many years there. Don’t you miss anything? “Not a bit” they said.

    And just like that. The pain was forgotten and they had their new life.

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