I Can’t Sell You a Home (September 2, 2017)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    1989 brought us to Lincoln. We knew no one and nothing about this place. Thanks to dumb luck, and our realtor’s good counsel, we found a great house in a great neighborhood. For 11 years it was our good home. Then came another home on another good street, with more good neighbors. Then another, and a couple more still. Trees planted, fences built or mended, roofs replaced, and the like, we apparently “decided” to improve our town one house at a time. (You can quote me: we are done.)

    We mark our years with “when we lived on X St.” Our houses became our homes, and home was the platform, the spring board for life. Decades later the family long launched, the houses remain the history keepers. Each time I drive past one, even decades later, I am flooded with memories. It turns out that long before real estate made my living, it held my life.

    Now I drive past other houses, your houses. I see trees planted or trimmed, saplings turned into leafy shade givers, and basketball hoops installed or removed. I see the home you have made and silently cheer you on as you mark your years. A home cannot be built, only made, upon dwelling in them. I can sell you a house, but only you can make it a home. A house comes with a particular price; a home is priceless.

    Every couple of years my far-flung family gathers, all together, for a couple days. It is precious time. Even so, sibling day (sans we parents) is a priority for my kids. Their de-briefing this year made my day, my year. They toured their old town–their old schools, neighborhoods and houses, their homes. My worlds collided and it was brilliant.

    I can’t sell you a home, but I can help you find a house, and that’s a great place to start. And for those of you who opened the door to four knocking strangers this summer, thank you. In my humble opinion you live in the most priceless real estate in town.

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