I Can Show You the World (March 10, 2018)







    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®


    My grandson is slow to find his words (They are working on it; he’s getting there). His two-year old mind is keen and curious, but he resorts to lots of uh’s and finger pointing. Yes, it does get a bit wearisome, but I understand his frustration.

    Because I’m the grandmother from away we soak up every minute when together. Many of those minutes are spent outside walking. He and his younger (yes, younger) brother moved to a new neighborhood last year. It has trails, playgrounds, schools, a stream with a bridge (stream might be generous. It has water, moving water, with trees, birds, and a few less pretty things, too). One magical morning there were even puddles.

    His parents moved here because their house met their needs and many of their wants. Because they are wise and had a good REALTOR® they knew to look beyond the house to the rest. They knew that what lay outside that new door was the rest and that the rest here, and many places, is actually the best.

    A bird’s eye view provided by age or experience can help you see that rest. The dollar and the decision are always yours but their REALTOR®, and this REALTOR®, can point out some important things that don’t immediately meet the eye, especially when the eye is focused on a particulars of dollars and square footage. Budgets, bathrooms, closets and garages all matter but so do HOA’s, covenants, schools, trails, trees and streams. That rest, often, holds the best of life.

    It did here. We stopped and looked at the stream around every bend. Gasps of wonder replaced the “uh’s” every single time. Those gasps say more than any words could. The cardinal sighting and song, the puddles, oh the wonders.

    “I can open your eyes, Take you wonder by wonder, Over sideways and under, On a magic carpet ride..”

    New doors to new wonders are waiting. No magic carpet needed, just a good REALTOR® to get you in, and a grandparent with a stroller or your own two tennis-shoed feet, to get you out. It might just leave you speechless too.

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