How Lincoln is Made (April 14, 2018)








    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    Sometimes it is better not to see the sausage being made. The process can be less than appealing, but most of us like the result and are glad someone went to the trouble to do it. True too for community building.

    Transferring title on an existing home is challenging enough, building a home from scratch can be even more so. Development and home building can be about as messy as it gets. Schedules, contractors, mother nature and human natures, imperfect all. Perfect dreams being quantified dollar by dollar into imperfect reality tends not to be pretty.

    One new development, house, and neighborhood at a time is how our town is built. It takes REALTORS®, builders, and developers making their version of sausage to make our town. It takes others to sustain it. One project at a time our town is maintained, renovated, and renewed. Individually owners maintain and renovate their property. Often we learn about non-profit groups, government agencies, and neighbors collaborating to make Lincoln and its neighborhoods beautiful and welcoming.

    We Lincolnites are people who build, serve and share. We participate; in non-profits, elected office, in our businesses and in our own neighborhoods. A rising tide floats all ships and our ship is sailing well.

    In my neighborhood we have an annual potluck with all sorts of yummy dishes. Together they, and we, make a feast. We build and celebrate our community over a meal and conversation. Our neighborhood is new and conversation often includes memories of the still fresh pains of the building process. We always conclude that challenges, the messes, were worth the prize of this place. I think the same could be by neighbors in neighborhoods, both new and old, all over this town.

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