Housing Entropy (December 29, 2018)


    Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    As I reflect on this past year, entropy has been a part of my life. Entropy is a gradual decline into disorder. Something that is in order slowly decays into chaos. Sometimes, homeownership can feel that way.

    As I was getting the house ready for my family to arrive for the holiday, I noticed a chunk of brick laying on the sidewalk. I have spent a lot of time over the last four years caring for my home (inside and outside), so to find a piece of brick was frustrating. I discovered a small portion of the sidewalk leading to the front entry slopes and collects water. Over the last few years, the water collected there has slowly eaten away at a brick on the house. The freeze-thaw cycle of October and November of this year finally forced it apart.

    I help people become homeowners every day. Yes, I was asked to write an offer on Christmas Eve. My clients are usually looking for the perfect house. Unfortunately, even the “perfect” house suffers from entropy.

    Do Not Despair. This entropy is just a part of life. Things fall apart, and, as homeowners, we work to glue, paint, and nail our houses back together. In many ways, houses are tiny miracles. Think about the houses in our town that have survived and have stood the test of time for more than a hundred years.

    What keeps a house standing? It’s the constant and continued care and work of the families who make these houses their homes. My home has been in my family for over fifty years, and I plan to live in it for another fifty.

    I am often asked by clients about remodeling or renovating their homes. Along with regular maintenance, these are two of the ways that houses stand the test of time. When homeowners remodel, renovate, and maintain they are working to make new what has slowly fallen into decay or chaos over the years.

    During this season of holidays and festivals and parties celebrating renewal and a new year, let’s think about how our homes show our constant efforts to renew. Don’t let entropy be part of your 2019. Happy Holidays!

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