Hope and Hardwork (July 14, 2018)








    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    The ten-foot ceilings, twelve-inch trim and intricately carved pocket doors spoke loudly of the former life in this now quiet little house. The massive garden of weeds, towering apartment buildings next door and the tales of the greying grandson, now seller, told the rest. Hope and hard work happened here in this place, and a good life was built. Its absence was stark and sad.

    But this story has another chapter. A buyer, his thick accent telling part of his tale, his words even more. Highly educated, hard working and hopeful, he was not purchasing this home for his own family, that already achieved; but as income property. This house would not only help his family prosper but provide a place for another one to launch their life. Hope and hard work are happening here again.

    An executive and family, all with well-worn passports and origins from far and wide, found their work and their home here in this place. If social media is to be believed, their appreciation of this place exceeds even what they have added to it. Their family thriving, their home one of hard work and hope, here in this place.

    I’m writing this on Independence Day as I’m pausing to savor it all. On this beautiful summer day, I swam a few laps at the gym, dozed in the sun after a late and loud night, read a few pages, and watched a movie about Mr. Rodgers and his neighborhood. Tonight, I will share some homemade ice cream with my own neighbors.

    I am the granddaughter of immigrants, and I like to think they are rejoicing in heaven at this tableau. Their hope and their hard work made this good place and good life possible for me. These clients, and so many others, give me hope that new chapters of this story are still being written.

    Tomorrow this REALTOR®, along with my fine colleagues, will fire up the laptop, get behind the wheel or on the phone and do our part to help more folks find and write their own chapter here.

    Today I will just be thankful for those like Mr. Rogers, my grandparents, and our forefathers, who made this good life and good place possible for us.

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