Hand in Glove (October 13, 2018)


    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    Recently, the wonders of technology allowed me to enjoy the ancient beauties of Rome while not missing a beat (or at least not too many) in my world of work back home. Ancient and modern worlds working hand in glove, work and play too.

    Roman forum, coliseum, churches, and cobblestone streets (how do the locals manage wearing heels?) carry the life and tell the story of over two millennia until today.

    As glorious as Rome is, the thing that made this trip a mountain top experience was the people. The people before who trod these roads and built this civilization and the people I shared this trip with. Without my tour guide son to point out the meaning of the art or my al dente pasta served by the very same waiter who served us two years ago (true!), and above all, without the people who shared these tables and these steps with me my experience would have been lacking.  With them, the marrow was sucked out of every moment and a mountain top week was born.

    So too with real life and real estate. A house is not a home until people and their possessions fill it.  Rome is only old buildings and pretty art without the story tellers to make their meaning come alive. Websites and Apps can get you information about a listing but only a flesh and blood agent can identify the nuances of it or write a contract appropriate to your unique needs and circumstance.

    I had a listing go live while I was away.  It was one of those sweet, hot properties that sold in a day. This transaction was made possible courtesy of my “boots on the ground” colleague, Sarah. She knows me, how I work and represents me well. She kept our trains running. Technology can take me there, but to truly be there, I need to turn it off.

    Get online, look at pictures but when ready to make the dream live, reach out. Let’s work hand in glove and get you where you want to go, from where ever you may be.  If it happens to be Rome they have some pretty sweet leather gloves there.

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