Groundhog Day (February 2, 2019)


    by Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    This is the day that we predict whether Spring is just around the corner, or if we have six more weeks of winter.  I doubt whether there is any science to back this up.  Still, days are getting longer, and soon the geese will be flying north again.

    Hopefully you have seen the classic movie, Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray magically repeats this same day over and over, making many of the same mistakes, but eventually getting things figured out.

    One of the things I love about being a REALTOR® is that every day and every transaction is different.  Kim Soucie and I have been REALTORS® a combined 37 years.  Tim Reckling, our third partner, only two, but his new ideas keep us fresh.

    We tell our clients that it is after we have gone under contract that our real work begins.  There are so many facets to take a house from “under contract” to closing. Every transaction is different, and sometimes it seems that we have just awakened on Groundhog Day, using the experiences of the past to guide us (and our clients) smartly through the hoops.

    After negotiating a purchase agreement, often with counter offers, we confirm the source of money (usually through a lender) and ride herd on that aspect.  Then there are inspections and repair negotiations.  We can help get estimates and arrange the contractors. There is typically an appraisal and sometimes we help the appraiser find comparable sales to justify the selling price. There are final inspections and coordinating contractors to be paid from closing proceeds.  Buyers and sellers both have paperwork to fill out prior to closing, then we attend closing for both sides before we finally are able to hand over the keys to the house.

    Often emotions come into play, and our job is to help simplify the options and explain that this is a business deal, and not so much personal.  Our job is to help negotiate to where both sides are satisfied.

    We successfully helped sell (or buy) about 70 homes in 2018, and each one was different with their own challenges and solutions. We love what we do as REALTORS®.  I hope you will call when thinking about buying or selling. Please let us be your guide.

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