Go Local! (August 17, 2019)

    By Russ Meyer, Associate Broker, REALTOR®

    In 2019 there have been significant changes in ‘the biz’ as we REALTORs® would say. One new and welcome challenge to the puzzle has been the merger of the Lincoln multiple listing service that REALTORs® use to help search for homes with the Omaha MLS.  Essentially it is a large database of current and past listing info combining listings from Omaha, Lincoln, York and their surrounding areas.

    This merger makes it easier to search the detailed info on homes in other cities. This helps greatly in gathering a larger set of data points (home sales numbers) to complete a more comprehensive market analysis and to observe what the real estate market in our state is doing. This is one way that our real estate industry is adjusting to a regional or national system someday.

    But, that’s all academic.

    Your best bet is still to hire a local REALTOR®!  Hire an agent who lives in your town, who knows the local amenities and businesses. It’s those agents and that very local expertise that will be your best bet for helping you buy or sell in your specific market (whether Lincoln, Omaha, York, or somewhere in between).

    I admit I do not know the differences in the neighborhoods in Omaha, like Hanscom Park and Highland Park or Carter Lake and Chalco Hills, but having lived in Lincoln my entire life I intimately know the houses, the neighborhood histories and many of the people in the neighborhoods of Eastridge and Everett, Hawley and Hartley.

    You benefit by having a local REALTOR®. A local agent has relationships with other local agents, vendors, and lenders. A local agent should be more familiar with the local paperwork as well as the locally accepted practices for negotiating transactions. This is all knowledge relevant to help your transaction close on time with the least amount of stress.

    Your money stays local. Hiring a local REALTOR® means paying someone who lives and works in the community and is likely someone you know and will see again and again.

    Do you know the slogan ‘Go local’?  Do the same with the biggest transaction you make, hire the local REALTOR® expert.

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