Giving Thanks (December 10, 2016)


    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    I’m basking in the glow of my personal favorite holiday, our uniquely American holiday, the holiday solely about appreciating what we already have, a holiday to tell and re-tell our stories; our clans and our countries. We pause; we take stock of the past before taking a peak around the corner to the future. In doing so I cannot, not, give thanks.

    The personal side of taking stock is easy and involves a few of the good kind of tears. The business side of taking stock involves looking at the list of transactions behind me and beginning to strategize for how to earn a living again next year.

    My tag line is “real life real estate”, the two are inseparable for me. Behind each address is a story, and in the reviewing of them their – your– stories are remembered, and I cannot, not, give thanks.

    I get to be, for a minute, a small part of your story and help you write a line or two. In doing so you become a part of mine.

    Last night I poked my head online and saw pictures from one of you in your new home enjoying your first Thanksgiving there. I saw your kids playing in your new, sought after yard, I saw you carving your turkey on the familiar counter. You are new here, you are from parts far from here, you were hopeful that life would be good here. It appears it is, you said it was your best Thanksgiving yet. From another one of your pictures of a little boy reading in a new window seat in his new, first, house, now home, where he can walk to school and play in his yard. His momma living a dream she dared not quite dream, and more from another, a sweet young family of a long journey of hope and hard work, of new beginnings in a brand new home.

    I made a living this year and will work hard to do the same next year. But thanks to these folks, and all the others, I made a life. They shared their stories and helped make mine, ours here, better, and I cannot, not, give thanks.

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