Forever Home (March 24, 2018)






    Brent Robinson, Managing Broker- Nebraska Home Sales

    I lived in a house a block west of St Elizabeth Hospital, where I was born, from birth until I went off to college. I had a great childhood, with friends up and down the street. Every day after school, a game of soccer, basketball, tag, or some other made up game would be going on. After a short break for dinner, the games continued. When the street lights turned on, it was time to head home. Every summer day, we all rode our bikes to the pool. Often on Saturday night, all the parents would get together and play bridge while all the kids would play a game of ditch ‘em…a team hide and seek game usually attracting 15-20 neighborhood kids of all ages. The large oak tree in our front yard was home base.

    After college, my wife and I moved around the country, living in some amazing cities. We enjoyed every place we lived. As we started having kids, we wanted for our kids what we both had growing up. Although we liked our neighborhood in a suburb in south Denver, we knew we were not in our ‘forever house’. After months of looking, praying, exploring opportunities, we eventually ended up going back home to Nebraska, searching for the right neighborhood so we could find our forever house.

    As Real Estate agents, we don’t want to just show you houses, we want to know you and your desires, so we can help you find your perfect house. Yours could be an urban condo, an acreage, a two story, a ranch, a split level, or anything in between. After we find it, we take you through the journey of putting it under contract, inspection negotiations, ensuring a clean title, loan funding, all resulting in a successful closing and move. At Nebraska Home Sales, our agents live for guiding our clients through this journey.

    In September, we moved into our new home. As I look out the window and watch as our boys and countless other neighborhood kids play a pick-up game of flag football in our backyard, I know we found ours…our forever home.



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