Finding Home (August 24, 2019)

    by Susan Buettner, Associate Broker, REALTOR®, Team Lead Lifestyles Realty Group

    What brought you to Lincoln?  Were you born here?  Did you come to Lincoln for school or a job?  When my husband and I moved to Lincoln, it was for graduate school.  After being here for 3 years, we stayed to raise our family.  What we loved about our newly adopted city was that we felt safe, we found culture and we found that it was the best place to return when traveling.  Now, 20 years plus later, our city has been adopted by many, many new residents.

    As a REALTOR®, I’ve learned more about our city than I had ever known “just” residing here.  Almost everyday I find new neighborhoods tucked in behind something else.  These neighborhoods have their own sense of community and character. Each has special parks, home styles, small businesses and schools.  Each has the love and devotion of the residents.  That’s the benefit of living in a large small city.

    Many cities have a downtown area, even small communities have 2 or 3 blocks of shops on a main street.  Lincoln has those small downtowns all over in all four quadrants.  There are shops to be visited on these main streets that offer specialty items not available in the big box stores or shopping malls.  There are items made and prepared by fellow Lincolnites or curated from outside Lincoln especially for its residents.  Depending where in Lincoln you decide to put down your roots, you can find homemade foods for a diverse range of tastes, purchase art from a local artist or find an antique found nowhere else.  As a professional real estate agent, it is my responsibility to help you determine which smaller community or neighborhood fits your personality or needs best.  It is not about designating one area as better than another, it’s about finding that place where when you walk through the front door, you feel home.

    Let us help you find that home in a neighborhood where you find your community, not just feeling connected to Lincoln, but to your neighbors in your new neighborhood.  Let us welcome you home to the city and neighborhoods that we made “home” over twenty years ago.

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