FAQ (September 3, 2016)


    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor

    When is the best time to list?

    It depends. There are advantages to all times of the year. Spring and summer are known for being a “good time”. True, there is typically more activity this time of year. Both buyers and sellers wanting to get settled before a new school year or while the weather is good, generates activity. Conversely, during the “off season” there tends to be fewer of both. BUT there are buyers and sellers year round.   Job transfers and life changes don’t always wait until spring. If you are a seller you will likely have less competition in November, December or January . I have written offers on both New Years Eve and July 4th. Truly the best time to list is the time that is best for you. We will help you maximize the opportunity whenever that is.

    How’s the market?

    Finally we have gotten some good press about the state of our local market. We in the business know that all markets are local, and that this local market is great! The public, bombarded with negative national news may not have noticed but we locally have been enjoying the brisk market. No, values have not completely re-bounded from pre-2008 but the market is moving.

    Should I fix up my home or sell as-is?

    This, too, depends on your situation. Typically, you will want freshen up, clean and de-clutter. You will likely not remodel or spend major money. We may suggest certain repairs that may make your home meet lending criteria. Things like chipping paint or windows that don’t open. Occasionally it makes sense to sell a house completely “as is” knowing that it will sell only to a cash buyer. We are good at helping you sort out the best option for your situation. Be sure to talk to us BEFORE starting your preparations!

    (If you have a question likely to be a FAQ please drop us a line on our website and we will try to answer in an upcoming column.www.NebHomeSales.com)

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