Fall Color (October 27, 2018)

    By Susan Buettner, J.D., REALTOR

    Its been six months since I last wrote. This year I’ve been focusing my articles on color. The last was regarding the colors of spring and bringing them into your life, even if only with accents. Now we find ourselves in the middle of the color of fall. It’s not brown yet, the grass is still green and there are seasonal flowers everywhere you look. If you are a fan of orange, this is your time of year!

    What I find amazing is that the colors that appear in fall aren’t the in-your-face pinks and reds of spring. They are subtle hues of magnificence. Have you ever looked at a tree that has started to change? Really looked at it? It’s a transformation of life, at least for the tree.

    If you are able to bring those colors of fall to your home, do it in a way that isn’t themed. For example, candles and blankets are perfect for this time of year. The candles can be indoor or outdoor. Leaves are an amazing source of inspiration as well. While you are laboring in your yard, collecting those pesky leaves off your grass, find the ones most beautiful to you.  If you are daring enough, take them to be color matched at the paint store.  Paint an accent wall, or maybe an entire room.

    The second-best part of fall is the texture. A variety of textures in your decorating can complement each other and create inviting spaces. Don’t forget that if you are adding seasonal grasses or flowers inside to include very smooth or very rough textures in other decor. Twine is a perfect seasonal accent.  It sounds weird, but trust me, its fabulous.

    As I’ve said before, it really doesn’t matter what others think of what you love, unless it’s a Griswold type color display, then we’ll judge. Just live your best lifestyle.

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