Fact is Stranger than Fiction (February 10, 2017)







    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®


    I watched the movie I, Tonya yesterday. I found it tragic, insightful and entertaining. (How different her story could have been if only she, just once, knew love). Recounting this “fact is stranger than fiction” tale to a colleague later that same day led us to the related land of “fact is stranger than fiction” tales in our world of real estate.

    Happily, none of my tales can hold a candle to the movie, but here, for your entertainment, is my best shot.

    In the course of a singular transaction, I was bitten by a dog (only time), was served papers by the sheriff (also only time), wrote an offer for someone incarcerated (yes, only time again), and saw the property sell for half the original price (very happily only time again- and due to difficult but reasonable reasons).

    My story however is not tragic, but like all my transactions I found it insightful. I learned that I do indeed know how to write a customized contract to protect my client, that even the sweetest of dogs, when afraid, can bite, that it really is a good idea to verify funds- even if that rabbit trail is very long (and possibly involves yet another incarcerated person), and that the market does truly set the price. Most of all I learned what a gem of a client looks like. My most savvy and capable client was as kind and loyal as the day is long. Together we weathered all this and more. My benchmark for a client was indelibly set.

    Clients occasionally, sheepishly, ask if their particular situation is the craziest I’ve ever seen. In spite of seeing a few other versions of rare and unusual (hoarder house, murder venue, minutes on the market, years on the market, one showing sale, thirty showing sale….), the answer is – thankfully- no.

    The above scenario can only come along once in a blue moon.

    Come to think of it, last night was a blue moon. Once again, fact trumps fiction.

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