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    by Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    The agents that write this article thought it would be fun to share some stories for the next few episodes. In 14 years of being a REALTOR®, I have quite a few, some good and some scary.

    Here’s a story of what could have been an ugly hiccup, and how it turned out to be a routine closing. This is a lesson in how agents working together and the contacts they make in the course of doing business become behind-the-scenes superheroes.

    I helped my clients sell their $400,000 home when they took a new job in another state. They found a nice home in their new city and were all set to have a simultaneous closing (whereby proceeds from the sale of their home would be wired to the closing on their new home). Moving vans were coordinated, and they were to spend their first night in their new home. Incidentally, the sellers of their new home were also depending on a simultaneous closing to make their same day move.

    A couple days before closing, I got a call from the Lincoln buyer’s agent saying we have a little problem (huge understatement). This buyer was moving to Lincoln to start a new, high paying job. His lender “discovered” at the last moment that Dr. Buyer had quit his former job and didn’t have pay stubs for his new position yet. Dr. Buyer’s agent had tried three different banks with the same story. No problem getting the loan; “we’ll just have to wait at least four weeks” was their best option.

    I insisted that they contact one of a few of the lenders I know that are local and can make some “good sense decisions”. This was after hours, so we called Deb Melichar at Charter West on her cell phone and explained the situation. After sending her Dr. Buyer’s employment contract, and pulling a few strings, we closed on time.

    Imagine the mess if not one, but at least four families were homeless and not able to close on their new home? Fortunately, and thanks to Deb, my clients didn’t even know about the potential impending crisis, and all the closings went on as planned.

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