Emotions (September 7, 2019)

    By Rich Rodenburg, Associate Broker

    As REALTORS® we are often put in the middle of emotional situations.  Selling your beloved home is emotional at the get-go, then, the buyer comments on your lack of design. Ouch.

    Buying also brings its own share of emotions.

    Those who buy or sell without a REALTOR® have a much higher rate of stress and failure to close the deal as emotions can run high and egos can be bruised without the intervention of third party arbiters.

    Our job as REALTORS® is to anticipate and advise on, as much as possible, the pitfalls that can upset a transaction. We often see situations, for the lack of a somewhat stoic business approach, at the verge of falling apart.  One of our Nebraska Home Sales agents shared a recent story where a $50 portable microwave oven was about to thwart a $400,000 sale.  It became personal and neither side was going to relent.

    We work for the best deals for our clients, but sometimes we need to say, “drop the anger, drop the emotion, and look at this as a business transaction”.  Can we give them the microwave?

    Other times the stakes are higher than the $50 line-in-the-sand.  Inspections can produce repairs that sellers weren’t expecting.  Our REALTOR® eyes are pretty good after decades of dealing with home sales and inspections, but we are often surprised at what the qualified inspector may find after testing the plumbing, electrical, getting in the attic, and etc…These are the issues that REALTORS® can’t see.

    We suggest a pre-inspection to uncover problems that will be found after going under contract during the buyer’s inspection.  This puts the seller in control to repair code and safety issues before accepting an offer. With repairs made prior to listing, the seller may not need to adjust the selling price as much and can disclose the repaired issues to the new owner.

    Whether buying or selling, the inspection phase is a critical time to keep the deal alive. Let us help you through this process.  Who knows, it might be stress-free, and maybe even fun. That is our goal.

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      I googled to find out the best time to sell a home and you mentioned spring and fall..Interesting, so what do what month do you consider for spring and fall? Thank you!


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