Early Bloomer (July 20, 2019)


    By Lynn Hartzell

    My young client told me on the first day I worked with him that he had dreamed of owning his own home since he was 16 years old. At age 21, he found himself sitting in the title company office signing papers that made him a proud homeowner.

    I don’t know about you, but I was definitely not mature enough to be thinking about owning a home at age 16. Girls, yes. Cars, yes. School, maybe on a good day. But definitely not home ownership.

    Yes, he had some challenges. Even hard working, responsible young people can have some built in barriers because of their age. Finding the right loan for someone with little credit history can be tough. Finding a home in the right price range that doesn’t need a lot of work can be a trick. Working without much of a down payment adds to the complications. Yet, his story is really a story of how many people came together to overcome those challenges.

    Listing agents and buying agents are often put in the natural position of facing off against each other. Each wants to represent their client to the best of their ability and occasionally that can lead to more confrontation than co-operation. Yet, in this transaction, only by both agents working together fairly and amicably was it ever going to work out.

    His local lender worked very hard to find just the right loan for him. There are many programs to help first-time buyers, but many of them still have some barriers for someone his age.

    He also had another important advantage…family that supported him and his goal. Just having someone there to tell you, “Yeah, go for it!” can make all the difference.

    Maybe some people would look at this deal and say, “It’s just a small house for a young guy.” But as far as being a satisfying experience for us, it might be hard to top for awhile. A client had a dream, and we all worked together and helped him. You can’t beat that.

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