Dream Home (March 5, 2016)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    A prospective client is a prospective client because becoming my client would put an end to a dream she has. Usually I help people find their dream home, but not so here. Her dream is not of one particular house or neighborhood, but one of place and history. She dreams of her children being raised, as she was, in only one home and that means staying put. She wants her home to be the history maker and the memory holder.

    I share her sentiment but for me life has unfolded differently. We have moved many times. You know the saying “ life is what happens while you are busy making plans”.

    This week finds me on vacation on Clearwater Beach. Again. Walking along the familiar beach I am stuck by the history here, our history. We are unlikely Floridians; no big hair or big jewelry here, no Canadian or New York snow bird accent…but there was the one Cadillac.

    My parents started vacationing here and we followed. We started following before we had kids, then with the kids. We brought them from tiny tots who squealed when their toes touched the ocean for the first time, to teens toting friends, to trips from their own places now. Maybe next year maybe the newest kid, our grand, may get to dip his toes in the ocean at the very same beach?

    My brother, sister-in-law and nephews shared and crossed paths here with ours over the years and now live here full time. At dawn yesterday it dawned on me; we have a home away from home. We have a place and a shared history and it holds memories. It is not a dwelling (although we have a regular spot) but a dream that has unfolded, a history made, a place claimed, a “life made –together- while we were busy making plans”.

    My prospective buyer will have to decide if her dream can look a little bit different than she imagined. Mine certainly did, and so do I. My extra wrinkles from the Florida sun are proof, but I guess they match my gray hair.

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