Don’t Fear Home Inspections (February 3, 2018)







    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®


    I’m just going to say it: home inspections are difficult and often charged with tension. The buyer wants the inspection to be a thorough interrogation of the property, discovering every flaw or potential problem. The seller hopes that nothing will be found. REALTORs® work for the benefit of their clients.

    An agent’s job is to assist his/her client in understanding the inspection process. A listing agent helps sellers identify what repairs on the inspection report are the most likely to be requested or required to complete the sale. A buyer’s agent helps the buyer identify what items they want repaired or what might be required for repair by the lender to complete the sale. On both sides the agents guide their clients on the process for requesting, negotiating and making repairs. Agents play the role of mediator in this give and take.

    In my experiences as an agent, I share with every client my thoughts on the best approach to home inspections. A home inspection is not and should not be a criticism of the owner. Inspections are about the home meeting a standard of function and operation. Inspections are also about providing a product with some known information. In the past the motto has been “buyer beware.” That is no longer as true.

    Inspections are a good way for buyers to understand the product they are purchasing. We all do our research before buying something—car, television, food processor…Buyers should have a home inspection for the same reasons. Whether the buyer asks for repairs or not, inspections are information gathering tools.

    It’s good to trust your REALTOR’s® experiences with the inspection process and these detailed negotiations. They may have had the very same experiences with another client’s home or with their own home. Remember: the process is in place to protect both the buyer and the seller.

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