Dog Days (July 13, 2019)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    The Fourth behind us, we settle in for the Dog Days of summer. Real life and real estate typically follow suit. It’s a bit of “ordinary time” all around. To break up the monotony I’ll share a few extraordinary moments from my real estate rear view.

    I almost sold a house to an inmate of the big house, that is the state pen. I say almost, because in attempts to verify funds we found none. Attempts to work with his attorney were also foiled when his office staff informed us that he too had been incarcerated and was now censured.  My name apparently got out because in subsequent years I received several inquiries from the same return address. It was a quandary, I really didn’t want to make them angry but I also really didn’t seek their business. Lesson: Always verify funds.

    Two times the buyer wrote an offer, two times my seller rejected those offers, offers on her vacant house. The third time was indeed the charm; my seller had not softened but the buyer would accept my seller’s terms. Lesson: The single biggest factor in the success of any transaction is the motivation of either the buyer or the seller.

    Appointment set up with the listing agent, I walked into a property to find the seller home and surprised to see us. Listing agent misstep, buyer’s agent fail. Lesson: Prepare all you will, some things are not in your control.

    I once personally carried a check to my seller upon her closing. I was scared stiff but honored by her confidence. She got her check and I got a friend. Lesson: Put your money where your mouth is and the return can be pretty great.

    Enjoy these days, ordinary moments can turn into anything in the blink of an eye. I’ll be the old dog sleeping with one eye open for when they do.

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