Does It Really Matter (October 8, 2016)


    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor.

    We stopped for a chat on my front stoop, my new neighbor and I. We both recently built our homes and are settling in to our new neighborhood. We are both enjoying being here beginning this chapter of our lives and having good neighbors to share it with. She was musing about things like…I wonder if we got our moneys worth, I wonder if I paid too much…or if we got a “good deal”. I wonder how the value will do over time. Bottom line-was this, will this be a good investment?

    As the resident Realtor I get this a lot.

    The answer: It doesn’t matter. Yes, you heard me right. We have forgotten that we (investment property excluded) buy a house to be our home. The property is a vehicle, the platform to build our home. In an earlier era, 1960’s and 1970’s or so, real estate was a slam dunk investment and appreciation was a given. Just buy a home, let appreciate and build your wealth. Such a deal!

    The economic landscape has changed but the desire for homeownership has not. Why do you suppose that is? We still want a piece of the American dream. We still want to say this is My House. And happily, more often than not, it still is a winning financial deal, or at least not a losing one.

    Yes, we try to make a good financial decision. We try to build equity. We don’t want to pay “too much” . But then life happens. 2008 happens, a neighborhood goes hot-or cold, our economy changes direction, a company comes to town or leaves town. You get the idea.

    So let us help you find a house and let us watch you enjoy building a home. Hopefully, one with some good neighbors to enjoy a chat with on your front stoop.

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