Creativity (October 29, 2016)


    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    My temperament is well suited for coloring in the lines but my hand was not particularly cooperative. My coloring books were not a source of pride and I am not the person you want on your Pictionary team. I love beauty but aside from a little photography I am not much good at creating it.

    Or so I thought. Who knew there was another way to practice creativity? It turns out the art of creating a transaction can indeed be an art where creativity is most certainly required. Consider:

    • Seller needs equity out of current home in order to purchase new home. Neither of the two most typical options (both transactions in one day or interim move) are actually options.
    • Seller is on waiting list for new home with unknown availability date but wants to see now and take advantage of current market climate.
    • Seller has a houseful of personal property and is physically unable to deal with it as part of the move.
    • Buyer has kids starting school, dogs in the kennel and belongings on a van, and seller is now unable to close on expected date.
    • Buyer lives out of town, is moving here but cannot physically get to town to house hunt.
    • Buyer and seller have agreed upon repairs, but the week of close the lender throws an expensive curve ball of a required repair.

    All situations occurred in recent months. All transactions came together. All were satisfactory to both buyer and seller. All required some outside the of box thinking, coloring outside the lines and generous amounts of creativity. All transactions helped forge new starts in new places and although the process wasn’t always pretty, the results were certainly a thing of beauty.

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