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    By Brynna Luke, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    I get teased fairly regularly about how often I paint the interior of my house. I have painted my living room 3 times in 4 years and my dining room 4 times in the same 4 years. I have rearranged my furniture and even swapped room functions too many times to count. Always with the goal of finding the perfect arrangement and color personality.

    And I’m almost there. Said no one who knows me ever.

    I love going into homes that perfectly exemplify the owners that live there. Whether they’re minimalistic, calm and collected or free-spirited with lots of colors and patterns, a home is what has been created. Not what has been bought.

    I help people buy and sell houses, but they are the ones who buy and sell their homes.

    When working with a buyer I like to envision each house as it could be. Colors, patterns, furniture, family gatherings and parties all go through my mind when walking into a house.

    When viewing a home prior to listing I ask myself how the house could be arranged to intrigue a buyer. Maybe turn a playroom into an office or a dining room into a living room.

    I pride myself on being able to think outside the box and see what a buyer or seller may not be able to see. This is just one thing we do as Realtors® to help people with their real estate transaction. It’s not just about the paperwork. It’s about the people and helping them achieve their goals or see the potential in the old and even the new.

    Whether they’re investors, adult children selling their childhood home, first time home buyers, or people moving to simply start over, it makes no difference to us. We will help them do what needs to be done to move on, down, over and out.

    When it is time to buy or sell and you feel you might appreciate a second set of eyes, a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a wealth of information related to your transaction, give a Realtor® a call.


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