Community (May 25, 2019)


    By Susan Buettner, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    Recently Lincoln had its Parade of Homes. It was a wonderful display of new and shiny new construction homes in and around the Lincoln area. Did you go?

    People go to Parade homes for design and spatial ideas, others for fun. Imagine going to look at homes for fun? I hosted a Parade home in 2018 and worked all but one day of the parade in that home. What I saw was an eclectic group of people walking through my life. My favorite, other than the actual buyers of the home, were the women who came in their annual parade group. That’s right, a group that goes to homes on the parade, annually.

    When I asked these ladies about their annual visit I found a group of friends who liked to visit the homes for design and decorating ideas, but also they wanted to spend time together. That was something that has stayed with me for a year. These friends have been friends for a long time and they purposefully set aside a day every year to laugh and smile and enjoy each other’s company. The reason I think that made an impact is that during the spring we REALTORS don’t spend a lot of time with our friends and family. It is the busy season. We run from client to client, transaction to transaction, and I think we forget the purpose of why people buy these homes in those neighborhoods in that city.

    The practice of real estate is to provide assistance to those who need a professional with knowledge of homes, neighborhoods, financing, contracts and so many other things. But we agents get distracted by the financing and contracts and the details of the deal. It’s easy to forget the reasons why the clients are buying or selling. The ones who will be spending purposeful time together in the home in the neighborhood in the city of their choosing. We must remember that people belong to a community of neighbors and friends, not just a city. Our job is to help people connect, like those friends, but for more than just one day.


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