Color (January 27, 2018)

    By Susan Buettner, J.D., REALTOR®

    I read, a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. Maybe it’s a by-product from my prior legal career. I spent years reading statutes, regulations, case law, studies, etc. Now I read about the real estate market, mortgage rates, zoning laws and marketing. But by far my favorite reading involves trends. For example, trends in travel and entertainment affect the purchase of real estate. Knowing what relaxes or excites, translates into awareness of design and desired locations. But on a more relatable level, I want to know the “in” color or style for everything. What is new in fashion or luxury items? What is happening with metals? Stone? Flooring? What is coming a year from now, or two or three?

    I can only imagine how overwhelming all of this information is to someone who is just starting his or her home search. I’ve even seen it with my new construction clients. Making the “correct” color choice for interior or exterior walls can send even the calmest person into tremors. Even though what we’ve seen for the last few years have been neutrals. No news, or real excitement there. But it can be confusing.

    What is coming is exciting, however. Color. Color is back in a big way. This year PPG Paint has chosen Black Flame as the color of the year. ( Adding black to any room adds a sense of sophistication and elegance. If painting an entire wall is scary, simple trim touches will work.

    Don’t fret, purple, blues, and greens are also back. Designers add elements of nature or pull inspiration from luxury items. Pick up any home magazine and you’ll see soft neutrals including skin tones, with accents of beautiful jewel tones. A focus wall, the right sofa or set of pillows will get you there. It all depends on you. In addition to actual color, what should be trendy is emotion. Look for inspiration if needed, but choose colors based on what you love. There is no real right or wrong. Color lives in your house so you definitely want to love it.



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