Change (August 11, 2018)








    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    May and June were hot–weather and real estate.  July was still quite active but some shifting was starting.  Listings, even those under 300k, that just a few weeks ago were selling in days, are taking a bit more time. Our REALTOR® “hot sheet” shows more price reductions and more days on market than a month or two ago. Change is in the air.

    I have just returned from babysitting our toddler grandsons. It was pretty grand (and pretty  exhausting).  Being on the grand-parent side of things I am keenly and poignantly aware of how brief this stage of life is, because every stage is. The good and the hard will both be different when I see them next. The impending change sharpens my enjoyment of now.

    I grew up an hour from Woodstock and have lived my adult life an hour from Woodstock for capitalists. I’ve learned from both. Woodstock, the concert, ushered in a new era and Mr. Buffett has created some change of his own.

    Mr. Buffet and our own financial advisors always seem to say some version of “be patient, work the plan and stay the course.” If we do, over the long haul, we will have the best results. Don’t let change around you change your actions. That principle holds in real estate.

    Human nature is to run from challenge, to assign blame, bail out or reverse course. Resist.  Don’t sell when the market crashes, don’t despair if your kids are making you crazy and don’t change course when the going gets tough in your transaction. I can’t tell you how many times the most unlikely or challenging situations results in the desired result if only clients will work the process and stay the course. We professionals have a breadth and depth of experience, let us, not your emotions, help guide you.

    Woodstock, Warren, real estate and raising kids all demonstrate one thing. As soon as we get used to anything, it changes. The last time I was with my grandson I was changing his diapers, this time just a few soggy sheets.  Some transactions are just as messy and cultural changes can be too. The good and the hard will be different tomorrow, we are here to help.


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