Change (April 6, 2019)

    By Rich Rodenburg, Nebraska Home Sales

    Our local MLS (Multiple Listing System) is aligning with others in eastern Nebraska and Iowa to provide more powerful tools to its agents and subsequently, to our clients.

    Other than everyone learning an entirely new system, the transfer is supposed to be seamless. There is one exception. If you were receiving an email of new listings from your REALTOR®, you might experience a hiccup as he/she transfers your information to the new system. With our new system, we can still set it up so a property that fits within your parameters (i.e. price range, area of town, style, etc.) will automatically be sent to your email where you can view the details. You can still ‘save,’ ‘reject,’ or mark ‘possible’ to help you sort. As new homes are listed, you will immediately see them. (Some common third-party vendors may take days to show the new listing or current status).

    If you like, you can register on our website and set up one or more searches. This will keep you updated on your particular wants and needs. You can go to for a host of information and to start your search.

    Whether it was the old system or the new-and-improved, the MLS is a powerful tool that we, as your agents, use to help price, list and market your home. For buyers, your Realtor is a most valuable asset. We become an advisor that uses the powerful MLS to help you find homes, walk through with trained eyes, calculate value, and protect you from bumps in the road. We often tell our buyers and sellers, “Okay, we found the house, we are under contract. Now our job really begins, which is to get this to the closing table.”

    I am currently changing my clients’ searches to this new system, so they should not skip a beat. If you wish to be added to that list, please contact me,, or 402-440-7570, and after playing 20 questions with you, I will set you up. It is free. There are no obligations and it is the best way to see what is on the market before it’s too late. Heck, now I can even do Omaha.

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