Builderfest: From Blueprints to Landscaping (July 1, 2017)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    From August 5th to 13th, Nebraska Home Sales will be hosting Builderfest. This is a new event for the Lincoln real estate market, and you are all invited. Nebraska Home Sales represents many fine home builders here in Lincoln, and we are showcasing a few of them.

    This event will be a week-long open house free to the public to view the newest homes on the market. These homes are impressive! Five homes will be on view to the public. And, even better, they are all on the same block in Southlake Village at 98th Street and Andermatt Drive. You can walk from house to house!

    This is the first in a month long series of articles telling you about Builderfest and the homes we will be showcasing. I represent one of the builders building a new home for this event. I have learned that I really like working with builders and new construction…the personality of new homes that show their styles, architectures, and the newest amenities and latest trends. Although you’ll see many similarities between these homes, each one has a different flavor brought to it by the builder.

    New construction is a different process to buying a home in many ways. Realtors help facilitate the new construction buying process as the contact for the builder. With new construction, I start with the builder’s idea…sometimes selling only that idea. Then, I get to watch the process as the blueprints slowly become reality.

    I’ve been a Realtor for five years, and I have a background in design and home renovation. I’m lucky. When most of us become Realtors, we know as much about houses and good design as we did about managing our finances and car maintenance when we turned twenty-one. Working with builders, my fellow agents and I have the opportunity to better understand the homes we are selling from basement to attic and from framing to finishing materials.

    Over the next few weeks, our builders will be putting the finishing touches on these homes. We’ll be there to answer your questions from the blueprints to the landscaping. Can’t wait to see you at Builderfest!


    For more information, see our Builderfest page.

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