Are You Ready for Winter? (November 3, 2018)

    By Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    How many of you have been cleaning up branches since that big snowstorm? Me, too. I know we can get snow in October, but it’s always a bit of a shock when it happens.

    Winter really is right around the corner, and it’s time to do all of those little things to prepare your house and property for the winter. Those little things can add up to big expenses if you don’t do them.

    This article is for those of you who like a checklist and for those of you who bought your first home this year. I can’t claim that I have everything covered, but this is a place to start.

    First, keep those gutters cleaned out. This is really a job you should be doing a couple of times a year, but you get a lot leaves in the Fall that can block your downspouts. Having clear gutters means that you’re less likely to have water leaking into your basement.

    Two, clean up those leaves in the yard. Leaving them over the winter and into the spring can kill your grass over time.

    Three, have your furnace inspected and cleaned. Just because the furnace is working doesn’t mean it’s working at its most efficient.

    Four, check your doors and windows for drafts that are keeping your house cooler than you want it to be. Those drafts are making your furnace work harder and costing you money.

    Five, winterize your underground sprinklers, outdoor faucets, and garden hoses. A little bit of time clearing the lines can save you a lot of trouble. There are quite a few good companies who can help you winterize your underground sprinklers.

    Six, call a couple of tree companies to inspect your trees. Trimming your trees can reduce the chance of a heavy, wet snow or high winds bringing branches down on your property and causing damage.

    As a REALTOR®, I can tell you that it’s important for your peace of mind and the condition of your property to do the little things that will keep your house and property in good shape for years to come.

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