Are You New Here (October 12, 2019)


    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    Are you new here?

    We hope you love this town like we do.  We are your hometown Real Estate resource and the biggest champions of this place you can find. We are here to help you make this place home.

    Where we are: Lincoln, Nebraska.

    We are the on the prairie and we are the Silicon Prairie, a Blue City in a Red state, a mid-sized city in the middle of the country, a big small town. We are strong neighborhoods; we are bike trails galore (almost 400 miles of them), parks, parks and more parks; we are arts and culture of all sorts. We are innovators, company builders, community builders, academics, tradesmen, immigrant welcome-ers. We bleed Husker Red, and together we build the Good Life.

    Who we are:

    We at Nebraska Home Sales are a group of REALTORS® uniquely equipped to serve you. Allow me to introduce you to a couple of our great agents:

    • His young years bely his many accomplishments. A business owner, a property flipper and fixer, a landlord, an entrepreneur and an elite athlete to boot. He can sniff out a bargain and help our clients land a honey of a deal. He knows his stuff, is going places and can help our clients get to their places too.
    • This lady gets it done. Need a showing, a comparative market analysis, a community philanthropist, or dare I say even a little muscle with last minute moving crisis? We have got you covered here. She is our can do and do it now gal. How she does it, with a house full at home and lots of moving parts, I’m not sure, but she is a show-er upper and get ‘er done-er, and if she weren’t so nice might put some of the rest of us to shame.

    We at Nebraska Home Sales believe that a whole can be bigger than the sum of our parts. If you would like to know more about our “parts”- aka agents- please do your part and reach out. We’ve got one just right for you. Thirty years ago a good REALTOR® helped us make this new place home. May I return the favor?

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