April Showers (April 13, 2019)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR®

    Is this normal she wondered? We had not been on the market long, but also- too long. Closets cleaned, possessions pared down, windows washed and the like. She was ready. Time to get this show on the road, let the showings begin. Yes, very normal, I answered, it takes a while, we’ve got to be patient and work the process. The process works even if not as quickly as we would like. She has prepared and a buyer will come.

    His lease is month-to-month and he is ready to buy. But his price point is tough and the right one has not yet appeared. Inventory is low and demand is high in his sandbox. But he is a wise buyer. He has been to his lender, he knows what he can afford and what he wants to afford. He knows the difference between what he must have and what he can compromise on. He has an agent and together they are prepared to strike when the property appears. He is working the process and the process works. He will get his home, even if not as quickly as he would like.

    It’s raining today-again. I like a good spring rain, occasionally, but oh I am ready for the sun. I am ready for the crocus and the redbud, the magnolia and the tulips, 70 degree afternoons and green that belongs only to Spring. But of course, none of those May flowers are possible without these April showers. Nature is preparing its way. May will come, just not as soon as we might like.

    Come May, ask me about these clients. Soils of all sorts prepared and tended, I’m betting they will be planted, blooming, and even doing some planting of their own, from their new digs.

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