Anxiety Dreams (September 22, 2018)

    By Lynn Hartzell, REALTOR®, Nebraska Home Sales

    I’m going to take off my REALTOR® hat here for a moment and put on my “Amateur Psychiatrist” hat (do psychiatrists even wear hats?).  I think we all have recurring anxiety dreams. You know, you forgot to study for a test, you forgot our locker combination, or you show up to work naked. Mine is house related. I’m sure all homeowners and many home buyers are having similar dreams.

    The dream goes: My wife and I buy a house. It seems nice at first. We walk inside. Wow, it’s really big. Like, three times as big as I thought. And it’s a lot older than I thought. Hmmm, it looks like the foundation is pretty bad. Yeah, you could fly a plane through those cracks. Well, let’s just go upstairs, maybe this will get better. Nope, plaster is falling off the walls. How about the attic? Yeah, I can see the stars through those giant holes in the roof. Panic sets in. Imagine that Tom Hanks movie The Money Pit. I wake up in a cold sweat. Now repeat this every month or two. This is my life.

    Apparently my subconscious never heard of a home inspection. You know, a qualified home inspector that could have warned me about the costly repairs needed. An inspector would have told me about the radon level, the termites or the air conditioner that’s barely limping along. They definitely would have warned me about that meteor-sized hole in my roof. And, the inspector would have identified less serious problems that wouldn’t be deal breakers, but things I would want to address in the future. Wow, my subconscious has a lot to learn.

    When you buy a home, have your REALTOR® help you find a home inspector. Your home inspector is a valuable member of your team in addition to your REALTOR® and your loan officer. They identify issues with homes for a living, and they work for you. OK, now get some sleep, you’ve got an inspector on the job. And by the way, your old locker combination from high school is 22-18-04. You can thank me in the morning.

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