An Awning, A Townhome and a Headband

    by Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    A sweet and sporty young lady in my life was wearing a headband this week. It suited her, both in style and function, and I told her so. She told me she had recently started wearing them but lamented that it seems like now everyone is wearing them. At her young age she knows the pleasure not being one of the pack, of having her own individual look and voice.

    Our conversation followed the thread of unique versus conforming to the world of houses. As I told her, we live in a townhome where they all look pretty much the same from the outside. I call it our brown brick village. Not surprisingly she told me that she does not like townhomes because they are just that, all the same. Boring, not unique.

    But, I told her, mine has an awning, and we are the only awning on our street! What is an awning and what does it do, she asked. Like her headband they are both decorative and functional, she agreed that helped. A little pizzazz makes it ours. Still skeptical she was willing to consider the possibility that a townhome might be okay.

    There was a time, not long ago, that I would have agreed with her. In fact I don’t disagree at all, but at this stage of the game I have new information; function matters more than form. I am willing to put up with straight up brown brick for what it gives me. Ease of lifestyle, interior space uniquely suited for us, ability to lock the door and walk out away, fabulous neighbors right next door and, in my case, a top notch view of the sunrise.

    I’m betting there will come a day she sees it my way too. In the meantime I’m thinking she will enjoy wearing her headband now matter how many other girls do the same, but maybe one sporting a little pizzazz. Function first, but a little form can be fun in a home or a headband.

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