All That Glitters… (December 9, 2017)

    By Becky Huebner, Nebraska Home Sales REALTOR


    …Is not gold (and not all gold glitters).

    Their price point was modest. It quickly became clear that their preferred location was not going to be doable. I proposed another area, they were open minded, we found a house that worked. It was a bit tired, waiting for some TLC but with good bones in an area with newly noticed benefits. If not sparkling (and paint is cheap and the bath functional), it was move in acceptable and move in they will. First time buyers, they are giddy with dreams of a dream come true. They won the gold by dusting off the dirt.

    The high-end buyers could afford all the gold or glitter they wanted, but they passed on those things. We looked at a number of magazine-worthy beauties but none of them said home to them. We found one that did. It was not pristine or sparkling, but its particular features checked their boxes. And even lots of paint is still pretty cheap. They bypassed the glitter and struck gold.

    His price point was modest and hot. When a new listing popped up, we bent over backward to get a showing quickly before it was gone. Some certainly did not meet his needs and some were not appropriately priced. But others were good options. They were appropriately priced in desired locations with needed features and even some desired ones. But good enough was not good enough. They all lacked some polish and sparkle. Determined to find the sparkle, he has not yet found gold.

    My husband bought a new used car recently. The budget was modest. He knew that he struck gold when he found one where price and condition were spot on. The color is not his preferred one, but he, like our first two buyers, knew how to see the gold through the dust, and we have a new car.

    But sometimes gold does glitter, and the glitter golden. If you see the guy with the temporary plates in the sparkly gold car, be sure to give my husband a wave.

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