Aging Gracefully (June 4, 2016)

    by Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    Maybe it’s the time of year. There nothing like a birthday to have age making its annual presence known. If you’ve seen my billboard in town, let me tell you that my grey hair is a natural highlight.

    With my birthday in mind, I stepped into a mid-1960’s ranch home. And what a gem! This home has aged well. Sure, it had some grey hair. I think the kitchen Formica countertops were original. I could tell by the little flower and gold pattern. And the pink stove was a dead giveaway. But I bet that pink stove still did work. And it was so clean it glowed. The bathroom sinks and vanities were also original, now that I think about it. But who cared? They were clean, neat, and really looked new, considering they were almost 50 years old.

    But here’s what this home did right. First it was sparkling clean. You’ve heard it before in our column, “Mother-in-law clean.” The next thing well done was there were updates. The roof was in good shape, the furnace was maintained, the carpet was new, and the walls were painted a pleasing contemporary shade of taupe. Overall, the updates were so well done the buyer said he could move right in. He didn’t care about the flower countertops one bit. That’s because countertops are easy when so much else is done.

    This home has aged gracefully. I suspect that the seller made little improvements over the years, like keeping your wardrobe current, get rid of those wide-leg pants. And little improvements add up over time. And by doing so the home owner isn’t left with a daunting list of must-do things to get your home on the market. Think of it like trying to lose 20 pounds before your 20th high school reunion. Best to start early.

    My buyer didn’t buy this home, but I tell you what. The next time we went looking at homes we were still discussing what a great job the seller had done over the years. That’s making an impression.

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