Affordable Housing York (October 26, 2019)

    by Cindi Nickel, Nebraska Home Sales-York

    The City of York, Nebraska was recently awarded federal grant funds through the Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD). This program was originally designed to be used in larger urban cities across the United States. York was chosen to be the first rural area to test the program.

    The grant came from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement Program. It provides annual grant money as an aid to help develop housing for those whose income qualifies in the low to middle income brackets per Housing & Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.

    My fellow agents in the Nebraska Home Sales, York office are excited to be able to help the City of York (along with many other agents in York) offer this program to buyers. Statewide, there is a shortage of affordable homes available to low income households. These households have incomes at or below the poverty guideline. It is difficult for these households to afford the costs of owning their own home.

    What are the funds for?

    The program is administered by the York County Development Corporation (YCDC). These funds are to purchase and rehabilitate homes.

    What do the City of York and YCDC do for the program?

    Homes are identified by the SENDD or by a buyer and his/her REALTOR®. SENDD inspects the property and the city purchases those that meet the requirements. SENDD will then coordinate repairs of the home up to $24,999. A qualified buyer then purchases the home using his/her own funds and some down payment assistance.

    What houses are eligible?

    The program coordinators are looking for homes that need a variety of repair types including structural, foundation, roof, HVAC, gutters, water heater, electrical plumbing, weatherization, safety and code deficiencies, handicapped accessibility, and general maintenance.

    Who qualifies?

    Those Nebraskans with low to moderate incomes defined by HUD. The buyer(s) must be able to qualify for a loan and complete the housing application on the York County Development Corporation’s website.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    The Nebraska Home Sales office in York has REALTORS® with knowledge of the program willing and able to help you (402-363-1123). You can also call or visit the websites of the City of York, YCDC, and SENDD for more details.

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