A Little Gardening (August 6, 2016)

    By Katie Pocras, Nebraska Home Sales Realtor


    It was an excellent morning in my raspberry patch. The big, red, sweet berries were just beckoning to be picked. I have 3-4 varieties planted, and the golden ones are turning out to be my favorite. Plus, with multiple varieties, there are different ripening times, so I should have raspberries all summer. My strawberries, this year however – they weren’t so happy. My wildflowers are going gangbusters and I have fresh flowers in my house to enjoy. Some of my lucky friends are getting bouquets, too. My thumb is only a light shade of green.

    When I was a kid, I remember lots of neighbors had gardens. Someone always had extra tomatoes, cukes or zucchinis to share. You had to lock your car doors or someone would put a zucchini (or several) in it. It seemed most people grew something.

    When I’m looking at homes, I’m not seeing many gardens. I see lots of containers hosting annuals, but not so much the container herb garden with tall, sweet-smelling dill, or the fragrant basil. Fewer folks are cultivating the little square of dirt out back with rows of green beans and peas. Every once in a while I’ll see a raised bed –those are my favorite. I have a friend is even raising chickens! Yes, she lives in the city limits, and, yes, city code has rules. I feel a case of egg envy coming on. How many bouquets will equal a dozen eggs?

    A few years ago I do remember a seller who wanted to time the sale of her home. She wanted to time it so her home closed after her summer harvest. She had spent a lot of time, energy and dedication in her garden and she was going to pick and pickle.

    And to my other homebuyer, who bought the pretty ranch home last fall, I can’t wait until your pears and apples are ripe. I have my bag ready and a bouquet for you.

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