A House That Time Had Forgotten (December 1, 2018)

    Russ Meyer, Nebraska Home Sales Associate Broker

    As always, the variety of homes for sale that agents and our clients tour on a daily basis never ceases to amaze and inspire. I have seen and shown homes at both ends of the spectrum; from beautiful, well-made and expensive to leaky, infested, and falling in. Both types have serious buyers.

    There is, however, a third category of home that is even more unique: the house that got stuck in the time period it was built. You may have seen these in your own neighborhood. A home with no updating, inside or out, since the first owner moved in but still in great condition. I have toured more than a few mid-1950s -1960s homes like this—think “The Dick Van Dyke Show” or “Brady Bunch.” These Lincoln homes are not a movie set but you half expect Van Dyke to come around the corner and trip over the ottoman, or housekeeper Alice to call us to lunch in the kitchen.

    Last week I came across a rare gem built even earlier, at the turn of the last century. I knew that my clients and I were in for a treat and a history lesson when I opened the key box on the front knob, and out pops a pair of skeleton keys! Opening that door was harder than it looked as it took both keys turned at the same time to throw the deadbolt and release the lock. But oh, something special was inside, a home that time had forgotten. Antique furniture graced the parlor, original plumbing in the bath, and vintage wallpapers, light switches and fixtures. For a second, I half expected to look out the window and see horses and buggies in the street. While a really neat home, my clients decided they didn’t want to become 21st century actors in the ‘living history lifestyle’ that this home offered. Whatever a buyer’s preference, a great home is out there for them—it’s what keeps me on the hunt for my clients. You open a door and you never know.

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